• Web Components 2016


    I worked with AQ, Google and the WebComponents.org community on designing a fast, convenient web directory of all available web components.

  • MY ASICS Patterns Library 2016

    Design & front-end

    A one year project busy with building and maintaining the MY ASICS Design Guide, or in another words a collection of patterns and components now used to build and scale the MY ASICS ecosystem.

  • MY ASICS Exchange 2016

    Design & front-end

    Exchange is a new way for Asics runners to share running tips and learn from others. This has been an A to Z design & front-end project with the great people at AQ. iOS is coming soon.

  • CSS Kyoto 2015


    Organizing & mentoring a series of workshops in Kyoto, Japan for people who want to learn how to design with CSS.

  • Repro 2015


    Splash page for one of the hottest startup in Tokyo. These guys are focused on creating the best native iOS analytic tool. Made at AQ.

  • Thing with Google APAC 2015

    Design & front-end

    Collection of resources and insights for marketing professionals produced and curated by the people at Google. Made with a small design & development team at AQ.

  • AQ 2014

    Design & front-end

    Refresh of AQ's website, the design studio I work at. A big team effort. Everybody jumped in and got their hands dirty. An enjoyable mess, something to be proud of.

  • Hikari for Jekyll 2014

    Side project

    A minimalist, open-source, theme for Jekyll – a tool I've been using for a couple of years now. To date, the project got more than a hundred stars on Github and is forked/followed by many devs around the world which I'm really excited about.

  • Qordoba 2013


    Quite intense project I did while I was living in Dubai. Redesigned this startup's splash pages and their checkout form in under a month. Some shots in this project got really popular on Dribbble, if you're into that stuff.

  • Pincil 2013

    Side project

    List of designers I dig on Dribbble. Made to learn a few things but mainly for fun. The project got some nice retweets and ended up having around 10,000 unique visitors in under a month.